United Methodist Men shall be a creative, supportive fellowship of men who seek to know Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually, and to seek daily His will. Our primary purpose is to declare the centrality of Christ in the lives of men and in all their relationships.

The major concerns are:

*      To encourage knowledge of and support for the total mission of The United Methodist Church

*      To engage in evangelism by sharing the fullness of the gospel in its personal and social dimensions

*      To clarify and speak to the identity and role of the man in contemporary society

*       To seek commitment to discipleship

*       To study and become familiar with The United Methodist Church, its organization, doctrines, and beliefs

*       To cooperate with all units of United Methodist Men in obtaining these objectives through district, conference, jurisdictional, and church-wide goals

Men seeking membership in a local United Methodist MenÕs Fellowship shall subscribe to the ÒPurposeÓ of United Methodist Men and to these personal objectives:

*       Engage daily in Bible study and prayer.

*       Bear witness to ChristÕs way in daily work and in all personal contacts through words and actions.

*       Engage in some definite Christian service.

The United Methodist Men of the

Western North Carolina Conference


United Methodist Men of the Western North Carolina Conference have an opportunity and an obligation to make a major impact on the many millions of men in our church. The mission of the WNCC Organization is two-fold. First, support and resource United Methodist MenÕs Units throughout our annual conference, and second, to provide mission support for needs in our conference such as Habitat for Humanity, The ChildrenÕs Homes, Disaster Relief, and other needs as they arise.

The Four Major Emphases of WNC-UMM are:

*       Scouting

*       The Upper Room Prayer Line

*       WNCC UMM Support Programs

*       Ministerial Scholarships for Second Career Pastors

The United Methodist Men of

St. Matthews United Methodist Church

Mission and Programs

The United Methodist MenÕs Fellowship of the church is open to all men who are members of the church and subscribe to the National Purpose, Concerns, and Objectives of the UMM and those of the Western North Carolina Conference. The UMM Fellowship sponsors and supports a variety of church, community and civic programs and activities.

These include:

*       Support for MenÕs Choir of the church

*       Annual FatherÕs Day Program

*       Annual Labor Day Barbecue Fund Raiser

*       Annual Thanksgiving Musical Program

*       Annual Holiday Fruit Sale Fund Raiser

*       Donations to church and community groups

ÒEvery Man Shares in Evangelism,

Mission, and Spiritual LifeÓ

United Methodist Men

2010 Men's Day Honorees