Outreach Ministries – An Overview


Ministry Focus:  The primary task of Outreach Ministries is to “address the concerns and conditions of people in the community and across the world so that the quality of life may be improved for all”. (General Conference UMC, 2000)


Outreach Ministries at St. Matthews United Methodist Church:  Outreach Ministries is composed of seven (7) components that encompass the ministries of compassion and advocacy, church and societal issues, global ministries concerns, religion and race, health and welfare concerns, the role and status of women and scouting.  Community support is also addressed through outreach.


The following is a description of the individual Outreach components:


Advocates for Inclusiveness/Role and Status of Women

Endeavors to strengthen the congregation’s commitment and action so that women have the opportunity for full participation in and responsibility for leadership in the congregation and community.


Chairperson – To be assigned

Activities:  Financial Management Seminars for Women, activities with young women at the juvenile detention center, events for mothers and daughters.


Church and Society


The purpose of this component is to help the congregation of St. Matthews respond to primary social issues on the local, community, state, national and international levels.


Chairperson – Mrs. Ouida Hodnett

Activities:  HIV/AIDS education, voter registration, community awareness and

                 support, collaboration with Religion and Race on projects.


Health and Welfare


Carries out programs designed to involve the congregation and the community in activities and services that will improve the quality of life. Additionally, the intent is to help the congregation become more knowledgeable about health and welfare resources and services in the community.  Current focus is on becoming a healthy church.


Chairperson – Mrs. Margaret Burton

Activities:  Blood pressure screening, health awareness information,



                     information on community health resources and events,

                  Congregational Nursing Program (Parish Nurse Program),

                  visitations to sick and shut-in members, community

                  health awareness outreach. 




Program focus is on helping the congregation spread the gospel through witness and service in the local, state and national community as well as international activities.


ChairpersonMrs. Pat Spain

Activities:  Church Food Pantry, volunteer service at Urban Ministries and Habitat for Humanity, community mission projects such as school supplies, clothing drives, etc., addressing the needs of members in emergency situations and designated members of the community as needed, promoting the collection of UMC special offerings, responses to national disasters.


Religion and Race/Christian Unity


The focus of the component is to create awareness and understanding of various denominations and promote collaboration and unity.


Chairperson – Howard Drake

ActivitiesHuman Relations Sunday/MLK, Jr. Observance, Black History Bowl, church visitations (Greek Orthodox Church in 2005) and Lenten Bible Study with community churches.




Activities designed to reach out to young boys and youth in the community in an effort to nurture, equip and help them to relate to the teachings of Christ.  By their involvement in scouting, boys and young men are exposed to a youth serving organization designed to promote the development of values and morals.


Chairperson – William A. Phifer

Activities:  Program reflects the national directive for Boy Scouts and includes camping, badge work, community involvement and outreach.


Higher Education/Campus Ministries


Focus for this area is to help students know that the church affirms them as they increase their knowledge, make life choices and examine their faith and values.  A primary activity is to strengthen the bond between Bennett College and St. Matthews, Bennett’s founding church.


Chairpersons – Ms. Jimmie Gravely and Ms. Roslyn Smith

Activities:  Hosting college student’s visitations/attendance at worship services, correspondence with graduates, “CARE” packages for students, gift bags for new students at Bennett College, Student Recognition activities, UNCF drive awareness, VIM project at Bennett,

Bennett College Sunday, the development of a student database for St. Matthews, extensive collaboration with youth ministries and the Sunday School


Community Support

This component is an extension of the focus of missions.  Congregational and mission emergencies are addressed with funds from this line item in the budget. Requests for assistance with emergencies such as prescriptions, rent, utilities are considered.  Proper documentation of need is required.  Payments are made directly to the service provider not the individual.


NOTE:  Additional persons are needed to serve on outreach component work groups. Youth participation is encouraged.  Please contact Rev. Samuel H. Moore, Jr., Chair of the Committee on Lay Leadership, Mary R. Scarlette, or Dr. Trena Bowling, Co-Chairpersons for Outreach Ministries if you would like to work with a specific component.