Nurture Ministry Mission Statement: To make and develop Christian disciples by nurturing our congregation and community through worship, baptism, communion, Bible and small group studies, prayer and other means of grace which will help them grow in their spiritual life.


MOTTO: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3




*     Education-to develop more small group opportunities by scheduling topics of interest throughout the year that will enhance our spiritual growth and conduct Confirmation and New Members Classes

*     Sunday School-to increase the attendance of all age level Sunday school classes by 5% through personal appeal, incentives, and prayer

*     Stewardship-to offer a study explaining how to become better stewards and to encourage our congregation to be faithful stewards in all aspects of their Christian life

*      Worship and Music-to work with pastor and musicians in planning ways to make worship exciting and all inclusive and provide opportunities for worship to develop and strengthen our congregations relationship with God and help them live more faithfully as Christian disciples

*      Communion Stewards-to recruit new members to help with administering the sacraments to the sick and shut in, to set up the communion sacrement and assist the pastor during the worship service

*      Sanctuary Flowers and Paraments-to update flower calendar for new year allowing church members to place live flowers in the sanctuary on their designated Sunday, to change Paraments according to Christian seasons and special services, and replace altar candles as needed

*      Drama Ministry-to provide quality Bible-based theatrical pieces (drama, readers theatre, etc.) with the inclusion of other artistic disciplines in services and programs that will help reach and teach all people in spiritual, emotional, social and cultural areas

*      DayStar Liturgical Dance Ministry-to work closer with the Pastors in order to use songs/dance pieces that relate to the sermon and scripture for a given service as well as look for more opportunities to collaborate with choirs to present joint pieces

*      Shepherding-to recruit additional shepherds so that we can care and communicate with all members of our church family. We want our members to have a feeling of “Belonging,” a feeling that their church is a personal matter

*      Greeters and Hospitality- to recruit and assign persons to be greeters on all doors for both worship services each Sunday

*      Acolytes-to schedule acolytes for all worship services which includes any special services in the afternoon or night. The acolyte’s job is to light and extinguish the candles during the worship service. It will be necessary for this committee to have a yearly or monthly calendar of church events

*      Ushers-to continue to recruit and train new ushers. To make sure ushers are scheduled for all worship services including special services if they are needed. A yearly schedule is necessary in order to accomplish this goal

*      Librarian/Historian-to clean out the library and to order new and updated materials that will assist us for life as Christian disciples and collect, arrange, preserve and interpret local church records

*      Grief and Brief-to provide services, workshops, and a list of references or organizations that will help members as they experience stress and grief in their lives



Nurture Ministry will continue to provide programs and activities that will glorify God, and care for our congregation and community which will empower them to grow in their spiritual life.





NURTURE MINISTRIES: Co- Chairpersons: Wanda Edgerton and Mia Puryear


Acolytes: Sharon Boyd

Hospitality & Greeters: Hilda Allen

Liturgical Dance: Gwen Poole

Paraments & Sanctuary Flowers: Honora Brown

Communion Stewards: Audrey Hamme and Jean Brown

Ushers: Michael Dillard

Music Coordinator: Johnny Hodge




Christian Education: Debbie McClendon

Stewardship: Tony Phifer

Grief and Bereavement: Frances Story

Church School Superintendent: Chivis Adams

Shepherds: Wanda Edgerton

Historian/Librarian: Janet Gordon and Audrey Hamme

Scholarship Endowment: Robert Chiles